Calvin's Classic Jazz Showcase
with C.H.KYO III Jazz Trio

Jazz & Blues

About the Band
by Calvin Howell

Calvin's Classic Jazz Showcase is being created to cater to the True Jazz enthusiast.

Here in Central Florida, there is a need for a consistent venue that features Classic Jazz on a regular basis. A place where the listener can come and expect a consistent product, a nice presentation, and excellent jazz all presented in an ambient environment with great food and drinks.

Calvin's Classic Jazz Showcase promises to deliver the goods!

Featuring the sound of CHKYO III Jazz Trio, the band will kick off each Tuesday night with passionate selections from the volume of Jazz Favorites. Also, each Tuesday, the band will Showcase a Special Guest Artist.

The program will begin each Tuesday evening at 7pm with a mellow first set while those dining on Fine Cuisine sit back and savor the flavors. The second set begins at 8:30pm and heats up the guests with a wide variety of Jazz Selections and a Special Guest Showcase.

Jam Session. Every Tuesday, after a night of eclectic jazz, we will host a jam session beginning at 9:30pm to Midnight. Local aspiring as well as seasoned musicians will be invited to join the CHKYO III Jazz Trio Rhythm Section to try out their latest advancements in live jazz performance. This will be the time to try out new licks, new tunes and experience that front edge of jazz where the artists literally reach for new heights.

We will also share some jazz originals written by the band. Calvin Howell is a BMI Writer and has several jazz credits for original music such as: "Dharuma", a dark jazz fusion melody, and "Dora", a jazz ballad as well as several others.

As a Jazz Trio, CHKYO III has a healthy mix of Straight Ahead, Latin, Afro-Cuban, and Ballad Styles to keep the audience anticipating the tune.

"The Goal of our band is to present a tight musical experience packaged in a well thought-out show presentation. We want our listener to feel our music as much as to experience it. We want our audience to feel entertained." Your sincere applause will be evidence of our accomplishment, without uttering a word.

About KYO
KYO means sound or vibration. KYO also means teaching. KYO is to capture the energy and focus it to a single point or task. KYO means determination and a never give up spirit. KYO means to win in Life. A victorious Life. KYO, as in Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, means devotion to the Mystic Law of the Universe through Cause & Effect and Sound. KYO is the rhythm of life found in the universe. KYO is the sound of my beating heart. KYO is life itself.

Find yourself in our music. We are all connected. The KYO of your applause and joy will reach out to us on the stage and cause us to react and give back more and deeper musical vibrations. A good performance involves both the band, and you, our listeners.

So, come check us out. CHKYO III, it's an experience.